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SoBRO’s Property Management team makes sure that our apartments are clean, safe, and comfortable places to live.  We maintain all types of apartments, with a focus on affordable and mixed-income housing.  Property Management also coordinates commercial tenants in mixed-use and commercial buildings as well as temporary tenants in the Venture Center business incubator.  Our team facilitates the tenant application process, ensures that properties are kept to high standards of cleanliness and maintenance, and establishes building policies and security procedures.

If you or someone you know are interested in living in or leasing a SoBRO-managed building, please download and fill out the SoBRO Apartment Application and submit by mail or in-person to SoBRO’s headquarters: 555 Bergen Avenue, Third Floor, Bronx, NY 10455.  Please be aware that there is a waiting list for housing.  A current listing of our properties can be found below and an interactive map of these properties can be found on our Real Estate page.

RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS: Completed and In-Construction
Monroe Court
– Completed 2014
Claremont/Mount Hope, Bronx
Affordable housing: 86 units

Belmont Commons – Completed 2014
Fordham, Bronx
Affordable housing: 40 units

Crotona Terrace – In construction (commercial portion only)
East Tremont, Bronx
Affordable housing: 175 units
Commercial space: 30,000 square feet

NYC HPD Third Party Transfer Buildings – In Construction
West Harlem, Manhattan
Affordable housing cooperative: 48 units

Crotona Park Apartments – Completed May 2012
East Tremont, Bronx
Affordable housing: 64 units

Astor Row – Completed in 2011
Harlem, Manhattan
Market rate: 6 units

The Gateway Building – Completed May 2009
Port Morris, Bronx
Affordable housing: 8 units
Market rate: 15 units

Woodycrest – Completed in 2006
Highbridge, Bronx
Special needs housing: 40 units
On-site supportive services

Taino Plaza – Completed in 2005
Melrose, Bronx
Affordable housing: 105 units

Brook Avenue Gardens – Completed in 2004
Mott Haven, Bronx
Affordable housing: 79 units
Commercial space: 2 units

Jasmine Court – Completed in 2002
Port Morris, Bronx
Special needs housing: 115 units
On-site supportive services

Longwood and Prospect Apartments – Completed in 2003
Longwood, Bronx
Affordable housing: 32 units

BUFNY Apartments – Completed in 1999
West Harlem, Manhattan
Affordable housing: 98 units
Commercial space: 2 units

Fort George Hill
Inwood, Manhattan
Affordable housing: 125 units

Senda Apartments
Mott Haven, Bronx
Affordable housing: 36 units

New Roads Plaza
Morrisania, Bronx
Affordable housing: 35 units
Special needs housing: 53 units
On-site supportive services

SoBRO Headquarters (“The SoBRO Center”) – Completed in 2002
Mott Haven, Bronx
Commercial space: 70,000 square feet

SoBRO Venture Center – Completed in 2001
Port Morris, Bronx
Commercial space: 32 incubator offices

Wendy’s at Kelch Park
Jerome-Cromwell, Bronx

Third Avenue McDonald’s SiteAcquired in 1995
Morrisania, Bronx
Commercial space: 7,500 square feet

Phillips Jones BuildingCompleted in 1986
Port Morris, Bronx
Commercial space: 120,000 square feet


SoBRO’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in the South Bronx by strengthening businesses and creating innovative economic, housing, educational, and career development programs for youth and adults.

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SoBRO is a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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